Before you start automating your test scripts and

especially before you start coding, it is best you

understand the principles and practice them in

a code free environment.

In this workshop, I will carefully let you experience

what you need to remember when you finally

decide to use tooling to automate your test scripts.

No laptops, no coding, just you, me and the other

attendees. And it does not matter whether you

are new at automation or highly experienced,

this workshop serves all who wish to learn.

(workshop based on "Lego Automation" by Richard Bradshaw)

Strictly Bricks.png

Strictly Bricks Test Automation

What the #*@% is Automation in Testing?

What are they talking about; Test Automation, Automated Testing or Automation in Testing? Which one is it, let me help you get introduced into this interesting world.

Sure, we will have some theory and some definitions. And we will discuss the many varieties of testing and automating it, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So, we will practice lots of different techniques and look at what some wise folks are preaching.


Presenting: YOU!


Getting your message, product or opinion across in a clear and effective way requires presentation skills.

No matter if you are a student, sales representitive, team member, product specialist or executive, at some point in time you may be

asked or required to make a presentation.


Does that idea scare you? Don't let it, I am here to help you learn

about the do's and don'ts, provide you with tips and tricks and let

you experience how to give a presentation that fits you as the

unique individual you are.

Interested in one of these workshops, let me know and together we can plan a customized edition for you and/or others.